Efficiently manage accidents and drive reduction campaigns.

With our complete accidents management solution for bus operators, get visibility of the incidents across your entire network and gain a deeper understanding of the causes, allowing you to identify the intervention strategies to prevent them from reoccurring.

The system simplifies the accident management process enabling users to easily manage all stages in one platform. The flexible solution gives you the capability to configure your own workflows, including creating template workflows or building new workflows for individual accident reports, and streamline processes to give you more time to focus on identifying trends and investigating the root cause.

Deliver a reliable service by effectively managing accidents across your network

Accident capture and investigation streamlined

Standardised processes

Streamline and standardise the accident capture and management process.

Workflow manager

Configure and manage multiple workflows and actions required for each type of accident.


Capture all relevant information in one place for insurance claims.

Utilise existing data

Automate the capture of various information through integration with our ETM Analysis platform or third-party systems.

Tailored solution

Customisable and tailored to your unique working practices.

Actionable insights

Integration with Insights provides advanced analytics, allowing you to drill down into the detail and implement data-driven accident reduction campaigns.

Operations platform

Integrated technology providing a consolidated view of your business

Accidents is part of our integrated solution that consolidates operational data from across the business into one central location.

Our advanced platform integrates information across EPM, Omnibus, and third party systems enabling your teams to proactively manage the network to deliver a reliable and quality service. Systems that interlink, include:

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