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Transport authority solutions

Enjoy new levels of control and visibility over the bus networks that service your communities, with advanced software systems that put you firmly in the driving seat.  Ensure tendered routes are delivered in line with contracts and demonstrate good stewardship of public funds, whilst reducing the time spent administering and monitoring operator performance. It’s the wheel-turning, 360° view you need to empower your bus operators and ensure your networks are running smoothly.

Software systems that put you in control

Transport authority benefits
Transport authority data flow

All your needs met within one, integrated solution

Contract register

Keep central records of all current and historic contracts for performance monitoring, analysis and operator reporting

ETM analysis

Use consolidated ETM data from operators to validate contract delivery, monitor network performance and inform future planning

Operator payments

Automatically calculate and process payments due to operators based on actual performance and compliance data

Vehicle compliance

Automatic monitoring of vehicles used to ensure compliance with requirements for age, euro rating, capacity and vehicle type

Concessionary analysis

Combine ETM data with concessionary scheme boundaries, to support accurate concessionary reimbursement claims

Multi-operator ticketing

Collect both sales and usage of multi-operator tickets from all operators to accurately calculate reimbursement for each operator

Interactive analysis

Drill down capability allows users to undertake intuitive interrogation of the data, investigating root causes of any issues identified.

360 degree view

Fully integrated data from multiple sources ensures one version of the truth, delivering a 360 degree view of the business.

Strategic insight

Gain insights across all aspects of the business, then drill down through the detail to drive improvements across your organisation.

Data consolidation

Automatically consolidate data across multiple sources, incorporating all existing EPM data along with third party datasets.

Visual dashboards

Present the data in a range of dashboards, tailored specifically to each user

Configurable reporting

Includes a library of template dashboards that can edited by the user, along with the capability to create completely new dashboards as required

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