Drive efficiency

The pressure to offer a reliable and efficient service is now greater than ever before. Now’s the time to ensure you’re running a lean and effective organisation. We’ll help you tap into your data to understand the where and why of service issues and disruptions, making adjustments where needed to streamline your business processes and put valuable resources to good use. Let’s make your network run smoothly to save you time, reduce costs and make room for innovation.

Fine-tune your network

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Reduce costly engineering issues and disruption-causing incidents

  • Understand the ‘double whammy’ of route disruption on the business
  • Identify all sources of risk to reduce incidents and improve reliability
  • Monitor fuel usage to boost vehicle efficiency and avoid costly fuel loss
  • Get the complete picture from data from across your business

Ensure schedule adherence and minimise penalty payments

  • Analyse reliability on different routes to uncover operational issues
  • Identify and resolve the root causes of lost mileage, accidents and delays
  • Adjust your service to minimise penalties and contract non-adherence
  • Handle illegitimate penalties and queries from the Traffic Commissioner
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Integrate systems and automate business processes to reduce costs

  • Explore the impact of poor internal communications on the business
  • Automate business processes to improve quality and save time
  • Capture and communicate key information to all stakeholders
  • Use data to understand the drivers of future business performance

How can we help?

Traffic System & BIRS

Respond to incidents and improve services

Route Reliability

Improve punctuality and vehicle efficiency

Contract Performance

Maximise performance of your tendered routes

Vehicle Fuel and Miles

Reconcile fuel and mileage for every vehicle

Risk Management

Reduce the risk of incidents and accidents

Analytics Platform

Get business insights to inform decision making

Building an efficient bus operation

Measuring end-to-end performance