Multi-Operator Ticketing

Most multi-operator ticketing schemes in place at the moment are reliant on operators providing manual returns, which are then processed centrally – making them prone to error.

In recent years, we identified one case of an operator that understated their sales returns by £208k over a two year period! As a direct result, all of the other operators in the scheme received less than they should have.

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As independent auditors, EPM can provide assurance to the participants of the scheme that they are receiving the correct payment by undertaking a year end audit of the scheme.

This involves the analysis of source ticket sales and usage data to ensure that all revenue and passenger numbers can be reconciled to the operator declarations that have been made.

Audit tests are performed on data sources that form part of the scheme. Once confirmed, the internal processes and calculations are reviewed to ensure that the scheme rules have been followed and that operators have been reimbursed appropriately.  

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To provide greater assurance throughout the year, EPM can also act as scheme administrators. This involves undertaking the same exercises as referred to above on a periodic basis, whilst also providing a schedule of payments for the distribution amongst participants.

In addition, trend analysis/KPIs are supplied to understand how the scheme is performing and identify where future growth may come from. 

Get new levels of control and visibility with our powerful software solution

Our software solution enables the transfer of operator ETM and off bus sales data to a central database, streamlining the administrative process for both operators and scheme administrators.

This approach avoids the use of large complex spreadsheets and enables the administrator to analyse the data and produce reports to facilitate the distribution of revenue to operators.  

Get insight into patronage trends with transaction level data from ticket sales and also find the data you need to ensure operators are receiving the correct amount of reimbursement.

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