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Bus operator solutions

Welcome to the future of bus operations. Explore key areas of your organisation like never before, from commercial to finance and engineering, with advanced software systems that consolidate data from across the business into one single source of truth. Analyse performance with ease, save time on manual administration and streamline your processes. It’s the top-deck-view of all your operations in one, simple platform — and your route to improving revenue, patronage and efficiency.

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Bus operator solutions benefits
Bus operator data flow

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ETM analysis

Optimise your network with a clear view of patronage and revenue performance across routes, days, trips and times.

Concessionary analysis

Combine ETM data with concessionary scheme boundaries, to support accurate concessionary reimbursement claims

Depot revenue reconciliation

Control on-bus cash with automated processes and audit trails to ensure every penny is accounted for

Contract performance

Manage performance of tendered routes to maximise profitability, ensure compliance and minimise penalties

Route performance

Analyse profitability at a route level, and fine-tune your network to improve overall profit levels

Vehicle fuel and miles

Capture and monitor fuel usage and vehicle mileages to minimise fuel loss and improve vehicle efficiency


Capture and respond to incidents in real time, with automated processes to minimise disruption and ensure efficient follow-up

Customer services

Identify all sources of customer feedback, communicate effectively, resolve issues quickly and manage lost property efficiently


Efficiently manage all incidents, with prompt follow-up to minimise claim costs and automate workflows to ensure consistency


Fully support drivers and staff with complete records of licence compliance, training, performance reviews and disciplinary processes

Route reliability

Identify sources of route disruption to minimise costs, improve customer service levels and avoid schedule compliance issues

Risk management

Reduce costly and disruptive accidents through the analysis of root causes and risk factors

Fleet management

Maintain a clear picture of the vehicle assets across your fleet

Scheduled maintenance

Manage your programme of maintenance to ensure services are carried out on time and unexpected repair costs are minimised

Defect management

Monitor defects across the fleet to identify common sources of failure and minimise future disruption

Stock & parts

Ensure commonly required parts are always in stock to reduce the time that vehicles are off the road

Purchase ordering

Control the purchasing process to make sure that stocks and parts are replenished within operational deadlines

Finance interface

Automatically pass information to and from your finance system to eliminate inefficient double entry of data

View our Insights solution page for detailed information on the system.

Interactive analysis

Drill down capability allows users to undertake intuitive interrogation of the data, investigating root causes of any issues identified.

360 degree view

Fully integrated data from multiple sources ensures one version of the truth, delivering a 360 degree view of the business.

Strategic insight

Gain insights across all aspects of the business, then drill down through the detail to drive improvements across your organisation.

Data consolidation

Automatically consolidate data across multiple sources, incorporating all existing EPM data along with third party datasets.

Visual dashboards

Present the data in a range of dashboards, tailored specifically to each user

Configurable reporting

Includes a library of template dashboards that can edited by the user, along with the capability to create completely new dashboards as required

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