Efficiently manage and resolve customer issues quickly and easily with our flexible solution that automatically collates enquiries from multiple platforms to a central location.

Case management capability allows users to track the follow up of all customer feedback, record activities and review responses against Service Level Agreement measures. Data captured during the process can be used to analyse the network and develop improvement plans. 

Respond to customer issues quickly and efficiently


Meet your customer Service Level Agreements

Data consolidation

Automatically consolidate customer feedback from multiple sources to get a complete view of your customer interactions.

Visibility of network issues

An automated feed of dynamic and static data gives customer services complete visibility of customer queries and complaints.

Multi-platform responses

Respond to customers quickly and efficiently from a range of platforms: social media, email, website, and phone calls.

Streamline the investigation process

Generate driver feedback forms and evidence requests to further investigate customer feedback.

Case management capability

Track the follow up of all customer feedback, activities, outcomes, and review responses against Service Level Agreement measures.

Network analysis

Analyse customer feedback across the network and utilise the data in your network improvement planning.

Supporting passenger transport operators to improve network performance

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