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Record incidents across your bus network in real-time with our Bus Incident Reporting Screen (BIRS). Our flexible solution enables you to record all types of incidents in one platform, giving bus operators the capability to easily monitor and track the operational running of their network.  The system also triggers automatic processes and notifications, to improve your operational efficiency and provide insights to improve the reliability of your network.

Traffic’s intuitive design and reporting capabilities streamlines incident capture and the generation of operational KPIs.  It also supports your BSOG claims and automates the generation of estimates.

Record and monitor all incidents in one platform

Monitor the reliability of your service


Utilise the data to monitor and assess the reliability of the services in your network and take proactive action.


Integration with our Insights solution provides in-depth advanced analytics.


Generate BSOG actual and estimate reports quickly and easily.


Ensure lost mileage and consequential gained mileage are accurately recorded.


Recording all incidents in one platform and system integrations reduces double data entry.


Set up automated alerts and streamline workflows as a result of an incident.

Making BSOG claims easy


Utilise Traffic’s reporting capabilities to streamline processes and improve the accuracy of your data, making claim compilation and estimates easier.

  • Produces mileage returns in the formats prescribed by the actual and estimate claim forms
  • Accurately record lost and gained miles
  • Categorises mileage by route as either commercial or tendered – denoting the sponsoring authority
  • Caters for different variants of the scheme, Network Support Grant (Scotland) and Bus Service Support Grant (Wales)

Operations platform

Integrated technology providing a consolidated view of your business

Traffic is part of our integrated solution that consolidates operational data from across the business into one central location.

Our advanced platform integrates information across EPM, Omnibus, and third party systems enabling your teams to proactively manage the network to deliver a reliable and quality service. Systems that interlink, include:

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Record incidents in real-time and keep your service running as advertised.