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Staying on route to success and planning for the future hasn’t always been easy in the transport industry.  As consultants and auditors with over 30 years’ experience in bus operations, part of the Velociti Group of companies, we’ve witnessed the power of data first hand, of unlocking insights that support and empower network optimisation, future decision making, and business growth.

That’s why we’ve embedded our know-how into a unique range of software and consultancy services that help you reduce costs, track performance and better serve your customers. Our systems are the only ones out there capable of capturing a unique stream of data from across all areas of your organisation to deliver a single source of truth.

So, why choose us? No matter the type of bus network you operate, urban or rural, commercial or contracted, we provide the tools you need to make it a success.  When you need it, we’re with you to face the business challenges of today head on and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

What keeps us moving

We’re committed to helping bus operators and transport authorities improve the effectiveness of their organisations and the success of their bus networks.

Through our consulting, auditing and software solutions, you’ll find the tools and expertise you need to grow patronage, maximise revenue, improve efficiency and deliver better customer service than ever before. See what our solutions can do for you:

Our values

We help and support our clients (and each other) to achieve greatness. Our success within the industry doesn’t come from our customers alone but our hard-working and committed team. It’s thanks to every team member that we can offer outstanding and innovative products to the transport sector.

The values that drive us at EPM, and the Velociti Group of companies, are the foundation of our ROUTE to success.

Our customers

We’re proud to work with bus operators and transport authorities, large and small, from across the UK and beyond.
Ready to work with us? You’re in good company.