Efficiently manage your reimbursement payments and ensure you’re receiving what you are owed. Our dynamic software solution accurately calculates your concessionary reimbursement payments based on your ETM data.

The software has the functionality to define reimbursement rates for different schemes which you may be part of, saving valuable time and resource.

Empowering you with more visibility and control

Manage your concessionary fare reimbursement in one place


Ensure you are receiving the correct concessionary travel reimbursement.

Time saving

Automate processes to improve efficiency.


Streamline the administrative process with digital returns instead of manual entry of data.

Actual data

Obtain transactional data for concessionary transactions, removing the requirement for survey data which improves accuracy and reduces costs.


Transaction level data enables you to understand patronage trends.


Integration with our Insights platform provides advanced analytics and insight into concessionary patronage data to identify anomalies for further investigation.

Our customers

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Concessionary Analysis

Empowering you with new levels of control.