Our powerful solution enables Transport Authorities to optimise the contracted network with a clear view of patronage and revenue performance across routes, days, trips and times.

Capture and analyse details of every passenger transaction across the contracted network, from ticket type purchased, to total passenger numbers, and use the data to make cost-effective decisions.

Get better visibility over the bus networks servicing your communities

Empowering Local Transport Authorities with commercial insight

Bus Services Team
Transport for West Midlands (part of the West Midlands Combined Authority)

EPM’s ETM Data Analysis Software enables Transport for West Midlands (part of the West Midlands Combined Authority) to maintain a comprehensive record of subsidised bus contracts, and efficiently manage contract content and renewal.
The solution allows TfWM to monitor patronage and analyse the performance of the subsidised bus network, and the reporting functionality is used to measure contract compliance against KPIs, and provides the information needed to ensure the viability of subsidised bus services and meet the needs of our passengers.

Monitor network performance in one place

Data consolidation

A central hub of operators’ ticket transaction data gathered from different ticket machines and presented in a common format.

Track patronage across contracted routes

Monitor patronage levels of contracted routes across different routes, days, trips and times.

Value for money

Transaction level data enables you to understand patronage trends on supported services to compare against contract costs and generate cost per passenger metrics.

Investigate customer queries

Use the data to investigate customer complaints and incidents, and identify patterns with routes.

Generate KPI reports

The reports engine function enables reporting against defined KPIs to provide analysis of performance across a range of critical business measures.


Integration with our Insights platform provides advanced analytics.

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Supporting you with new levels of visibility over your contracted network.