Multi-operator ticketing – are you receiving what you are due?

Multi-operator, multi-modal, ticketing is playing an ever-increasing role in public transport. The flexibility and convenience afforded to passengers gives them a very good reason to leave the car at home.

With a greater need for joined up thinking between operators and local authorities, multi-operator ticketing is moving to the forefront, but it’s important to not forget what sits behind it too.

We’ve broken down the three areas that should be reviewed to find out if you’re receiving the correct amount of reimbursement – minimising the risk of nasty year-end surprises and fraudulent activity.

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1. Operators Sales & Usage Declarations

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2. Survey Data

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3. Administrator Processes

Meet your consultant

Jon Anton
Consulting Director

Having worked for EPM for 13 years, Jon has led on a wide variety of audit and consultancy assignments and has significant experience in maximising operators’ concessionary fares reimbursement, as well as analysing the performance of networks and identifying areas for improvement.

“The team at EPM are well versed in multi-operator ticketing schemes, from auditing data to acting as the scheme’s independent referee. We’ll help to ensure that all participants in the scheme get what they are due and implement processes to provide greater day-to-day assurance.”

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