Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) certification

Are you sure you’ve captured all the BSOG data you need? Poor record-keeping or failing fuel systems can spell trouble for your BSOG claim. If you’re struggling to double-check fuel consumption or mileage, you’re not seeing what you’re really owed. With a complete review from our specialist auditors, we’ll spotlight areas for improvement and give you the confidence that your claim is accurate.

As the leading experts in BSOG certification, we know what it takes to produce complete and compliant claims — and we can prove it. We certify over 90% of all UK BSOG grant funding each year.

With our auditing service, you’ll get an Estimate Submission to smooth out cashflow, an audit to uncover and rectify issues before they cause delays, and a complete, compliant and certified BSOG claim to ensure prompt and full payment. Book a free consultation today to get better BSOG claims.

Get peace of mind from EPM specialists

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Ensure your claim is complete, correct and compliant

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Save valuable time checking fuel and mileage data

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Avoid the pitfalls causing claim queries and delays

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Maximise cashflow through estimate submissions

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Get more business value from your BSOG claim 

When you’re running a busy bus operation, keeping track of business performance is exhausting enough. So, when it comes to getting your BSOG claim right, leave it to us. We’ll conduct a complete analysis to uncover any missing fuel data, check mileage and ensure your services claimed are eligible — giving you back precious time and money to focus on optimising other areas of your business.

  • Leverage 30 years’ experience and industry knowledge
  • Work with a dedicated specialist for your business
  • Trust the industry’s top BSOG auditor

Let the experts take the wheel

To make the best business decisions going forward, you need to feel confident that you’re receiving the BSOG grant funding you’re fully entitled to. Our specialist auditors will help you avoid the common pitfalls that cause queries, delays and grant reductions, and we’ll be there to manage all correspondence with scheme administrators on your behalf. Get the BSOG certification service that makes it easy.