Concessionary reimbursement consulting

Did you know that reimbursement factors are often incorrect? We’ll drill into your data and double-check your scheme to make sure you’re fully reimbursed. From the big five UK PLCs to independent operators, we’ve secured reimbursement rate increases as high as 59% for concessionary schemes — isn’t it time you got the revenue boost you deserve?

Get on route to accurate concessionary reimbursement

Identify missing revenue or journeys

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Investigate marginal capacity costs

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Find your correct reimbursement factor

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Appeal and negotiate a fair outcome

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Avoid delays along the way

Finding the time or know-how to review unpaid or low reimbursement terms isn’t easy. Add that to disparate data sources or delayed data downloads, and you’re sure to find yourself running around information gaps in search of the right answers. No matter your network, we’ll get you back on track with your concessionary reimbursement.

  • Leverage 30 years’ experience and industry knowledge
  • Work with highly qualified and dedicated specialists
  • Get auditing, consulting and certification all in one go

 Rest easy with support from the concessions experts

Speaking of your data — getting the revenue boost you want from concessionary schemes depends on it. If you can’t seem to get a strong grasp of business activity, like manual transactions or the impact of fare changes, you’re not seeing what you’re really owed. With a complete ETM and operational data analysis from our experts, we’ll spotlight areas for improvement and get the information you need to negotiate a better reimbursement factor. Book a free consultation today to get started.