Data-driven decision making

Actionable intelligence supports you to increase patronage and improve the efficiency of the bus network servicing your local communities. Insights delivers unparalleled visibility of your contracted network through real-time management information and interactive dashboards.

Explore key areas of your network like never before with an advanced software system that consolidates data from multiple sources into one single source of truth.

Insights drives forward your improvement plans

Consolidate data into one, simple platform – your route to improving patronage and efficiency

Interactive analysis

Drill down capability allows users to undertake intuitive interrogation of the data, investigating root causes of any issues identified.

360 degree view

Fully integrated data from multiple sources ensures one version of the truth, delivering a 360 degree view of your contracted network.

Strategic insight

Gain insights across all aspects your contracted network, then drill down through the detail to drive improvements.

Data consolidation

Automatically consolidate data across multiple sources from the bus operators serving your community.

Visual dashboards

Present the data in a range of dashboards, tailored specifically to each user.

Configurable reporting

Includes a library of template dashboards that can edited by the user, along with the capability to create completely new dashboards as required.

EPM Insights empowers you with actionable Management Information to drive patronage growth.

Interactive. Seamless. Dynamic.