Manage the performance of tendered routes to ensure the effective performance of your contracted network. Developed for Local Transport Authorities, our solution provides an easy way to monitor the performance of all your contracted services in one place – reducing your administration time and providing data to make cost effective decisions.

More control over the bus networks servicing your communities

Supporting local transport authorities to improve operational efficiency

Paul Clark
Bus Contracts Officer at MerseyTravel

EPM’s experience and knowledge in delivering their contract management software to a wide range of customers meant they fully understood our requirements and ensured a seamless transition from our previous systems with no impact on data flows between bus operators and ourselves. The feedback from our bus operators has been overwhelmingly positive as the EPM software has greatly improved data quality whilst also making the process of submitting data much more efficient.

Manage your contracted network in one place

Central repository for contracts

Access to a central record of all contracted services down to individual trip in one location with their associated history.


Monitor all tenders to ensure that they are operated in line with your contracts.


Ensure operators are not over paid and demonstrate good stewardship of public funds.

Invoice automation

Streamline the administrative process with automated invoice generation for non-compliance penalties.

Decision making

Use data from all aspects of contract performance to inform decision making and drive improvements.


Integration with our Insights platform to provide advanced analytics.

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Contract management

Empowering you with new levels of control and visibility over the bus networks servicing your communities