Grow patronage with better customer service

Travel routines are changing. Lifestyle changes, commuting habits and new expectations around the environment and sustainability are all impacting how passengers use and view your bus network.  Through clear data analysis and informed internal and external communications, we’ll take your customer service up a notch to encourage people to hop back on your buses and attract new customers.

Adapt to new demands and trends

Growing patronage with EPM

Make your ticket schemes simple, helpful and relevant to their needs

  • Provide clear, flexible fare schemes of good value
  • Avoid confusion around fares, services & ticket eligibility
  • Use your data to track the impact on profitability and revenue
  • Make adjustments to balance customer and business needs

Communicate proactively and respond promptly to feedback

  • Keep passengers informed with RTI and live disruption information
  • Open up feedback channels through phone, email and social media
  • Speed up response and resolution times to build trust and confidence
  • Use your data to quickly identify, understand and resolve service issues
friendly customer service staff
lady with covid mask in bus

Improve reliability and punctuality across your network

  • Spotlight the root causes of delays and late departures
  • Dig into the causes of breakdowns, accidents and incidents
  • Get the complete picture from data from across your depots
  • Make adjustments to improve service quality and efficiency

How can we help?

Traffic System & BIRS

Respond to incidents and improve services

Route Reliability

Improve punctuality and vehicle efficiency


Identify and address the causes of accidents

Customer Service

Proactively respond and provide service updates

Risk Management

Reduce the risk of incidents and accidents

Analytics Platform

Get business insights to inform decision making

Enhancing the customer service function

The future of customer service in the bus industry