Data driven decision making for bus operators

Actionable intelligence supporting you to improve revenue, patronage and efficiency. Insights delivers unparalleled visibility of your bus operations through real-time management information and interactive dashboards.

Explore key areas of your organisation like never before, from commercial to operations and engineering, with advanced software systems which consolidate data from across the business into one single source of truth.

Insights software to drive your business forward

Supporting Reading Buses to improve operations

Robert Williams CEO Reading Buses

Robert Williams
Chief Executive Officer at Reading Buses

EPM Insights has shifted the Reading Buses business away from the manual collation of data to the automated production of key metrics, freeing up management time to focus on the actionable intelligence which the tool provides… supporting us to react to both the changing nature of reality during the Covid pandemic and to help shape our future network.

View all your operations in one, simple platform – and your route to improving revenue, patronage and efficiency

Interactive analysis

Drill down capability allows users to undertake intuitive interrogation of the data, investigating root causes of any issues identified.

360 degree view

Fully integrated data from multiple sources ensures one version of the truth, delivering a 360 degree view of the business.

Strategic insight

Gain insights across all aspects of the business, then drill down through the detail to drive improvements across your organisation.

Data consolidation

Automatically consolidate data across multiple sources across your business operations.

Visual dashboards

Present the data in a range of dashboards, tailored specifically to each user.

Configurable reporting

Includes a library of template dashboards that can edited by the user, along with the capability to create completely new dashboards as required.

Building an efficient bus operation

Measuring end-to-end performance

EPM Insights empowers you with actionable Management Information to drive business growth.

Interactive. Seamless. Dynamic.