Reshape and rebuild to increase revenue

Relentless societal changes are having an irreversible impact on established business models across the bus industry.  To stay on the road to a profitable future, operators need to urgently reshape their networks and rebuild revenue streams around customer demand and new government regulations. We’ll help you get there, fast, with expert analysis of route performance and all sources of revenue to ensure you’re making the most of your reimbursements, grant claims and ticket schemes.

Explore opportunities to build revenue

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Keep up with 24/7 demand to know where and when to optimise

  • Harness detailed ETM data analysis to track capacity and patronage
  • Understand new behaviours, travel habits and influences on demand
  • Adjust service or routes to adapt to new demands

Inform decision making by assessing route performance and profitability

  • Identify which routes or route groups make or lose the most money
  • Adjust routes, times or trips in scheduling to improve performance
  • Highlight unviable routes for discussion with local authorities
helpful customer service staff
Explore opportunities to rebuild revenue

Capitalise on all available sources of revenue

  • Capture on-bus, off-bus, mobile and ticket revenue streams
  • Explore impact of bulk fare discounts and ticket schemes
  • Ensure accurate grant claims and incentive payments
  • Maximise concessionary schemes reimbursement

How can we help?

ETM Analysis

Track tickets to understand revenue and patronage

Route Performance

Improve profitability at route level

Contract Performance

Maximise performance of your tendered routes

Concessionary Analysis

Uncover missing concessionary revenue

BSOG Audits

File a complete and compliant BSOG claim

Concessionary Consulting

Get specialist help to improve reimbursement