Analyse performance at route level and fine-tune your network to improve profitability. Our flexible solution has the capability to allocate revenue and costs to services using configurable allocation methods.

By building a picture across your entire network, this provides operators with powerful management information to implement the appropriate intervention strategies and improve performance.

Powerful management information to improve route profitability

Complete visibility of network performance

Data consolidation

Utilise data from multiple sources across your business operations, from mileage, to revenue, patronage and contract performance.

Performance over time

Assess the viability and performance of the network and individual routes over a specified period of time to get a complete understanding of your network.

Indepth analysis

Flexible reporting tools enable route performance data to be analysed down to timeband to understand route profitability at a granular level.

Strategic insight

Get key management information on the performance of your network.

Configurable solution

Set up and explore different models to undertake ‘what if’ analysis and meet your business needs.


Integration with our Insights platform provides advanced analytics. This enables route data to be reviewed and analysed alongside other key metrics.

Route Performance Forecasting

Quickly and easily forecast future route performance based on predicted market and operational changes.

* Available soon in the next update

Supporting passenger transport operators to improve network performance

Scott Pearson
Managing Director at Newport Transport

EPM’s Route Performance solution enables us to understand the commercial viability and performance of all individual routes across our network. It centralises data from multiple sources across the business and allows us to analyse the results quickly and easily. This means we can monitor performance trends and react to changes in the market, ensuring our services remain viable and meet customer demand.

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Measuring end-to-end performance

Route Performance

Powerful management information to improve network performance.