Local Transport Authorities: Utilising ETM Analysis to support BSIP reporting

Since the launch of the National Bus Strategy (NBS), there has been a drive for Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) and bus operators to work together to increase patronage.

Prior to the NBS, LTA’s could step in to ensure socially necessary services were provided when gaps existed within the commercial network.  The NBS takes this further, expanding the category to include the delivery of economically necessary services to connect people to places of employment and education.

With a push for more comprehensive services from the Government, there is likely to be an increase in contracted services across LTAs once their Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) funding is in place.

With a potential increase in contracted routes for LTAs as a result of the NBS and BSIPs, having access to ETM data across their contracted network will be important when reporting on patronage on these services.

Why is ETM data important?

ETM data provides LTAs with strategic insight enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their contracted network by giving a clear view of patronage and revenue performance. Having visibility of all passenger transactions allows LTAs to spot passenger trends and identify routes, trips, and times of the day with low patronage.

The data also enables analysis of cost per passenger. This level of insight can then be used to make informed decisions about the performance of the network and individual routes to ensure funding is invested in the correct areas.

However, with contracted services often being shared between multiple operators within authorities, gathering in-depth data can be complex and time-consuming.

Utilising software to conduct commercial analysis and save time

Software such as the EPM ETM Analysis platform can provide LTAs with a consolidated view of ETM data from all operators who service their contracted routes in one place, reducing administrative tasks and saving valuable time.

Furthermore, the reports engine function within the platform and integration with EPM Insights enables reporting against defined KPIs to provide analysis of performance against BSIP KPI’s easy.

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