Public Transport Statistics Northern Ireland 2022-23

27 September 2023 – The annual report providing public transport statistics for Northern Ireland has been published and contains statistics for 2022-23.

The report presents statistics on public transport operated by Translink and it brings together information on public transport journeys, vehicles and staff. It is produced by Analysis, Statistics and Research Branch (ASRB).

Bus stands at a bus stop with The City Hall building in the background in downtown Belfast Northern Ireland on a cloudy day. Public Transport Statistics Northern Ireland 2022-23

The key points on public transport journeys are:

  • In 2022-23, there were 73.5 million journeys on public transport; this was an increase of 14.2 million or 23.9% since 2021-22, but a decrease of 11.9% from 2019-20 (83.4 million).
  • During 2022-23, there were, 60.6 million bus passenger journeys, an increase of 19.9% when compared with 2021-22 (50.5 million), but a decrease of 11.3% from 2019-20 (68.3 million journeys).
  • There were 12.9 million rail passenger journeys in 2022-23, an increase of 47.4% when compared with 2021-22 (8.8 million) but a decrease of 14.7% from 2019-20 (15.1 million).
  • In March 2023, the number of bus passenger journeys reached it’s highest monthly level since the beginning of the pandemic with 6.7 million journeys. Monthly rail passenger journeys reached a post-pandemic peak of 1.4 million in December 2022.

The Public Transport Statistics Northern Ireland 2022-23 report includes data on public transport passenger journeys during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Read the full report.

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