Data analysis service

Have you invested in a range of systems that contain valuable data but don’t have the time or expertise to extract it for maximum benefit to your organisation?

Data is essential in helping you gain a deeper understanding of your business and to drive forward improvements. However, the data is often stored across multiple standalone systems making extracting management information time-intensive and complex.

Our team of data analytics experts can support you in gaining increased visibility of the route profitability, reliability, and operational efficiency of your network. Using the data in your systems such as fuel consumption, passenger usage, and ticket types, they will help you identify trends and investigate the root cause of any issues identified.  

Turning data into insights that delivers results

Dedicated, skilled analytics resource at your fingertips

Save valuable time and focus on other tasks

Smarter decision making by gaining a deeper understanding of your network

Improve patronage, revenue, and efficiency

Data analysis experts

Our analytics service provides you with a skilled resource who will extract maximum value from your operational and commercial data. Using their experience and knowledge, our team of experts combine the data from your systems and interrogate the information for you, saving you valuable time to focus on developing intervention strategies and driving forward business improvements.

We will produce monthly Key Performance Indicator packs with a commentary on the issues arising from the data and will address any questions you have through further analysis.  

Bespoke service

The flexible service is based on your organisation’s needs and requirements. We work with you to gain an understanding of your business goals and objectives, and what you want to extract from your data. We will then agree a plan for formulating and providing the information to support and monitor achievement of these objectives.

Analytics experts turning data into intelligence

With a team of industry specialists and solutions which span the entire efficiency chain from before the day planning, on the day operation, to after the day of operational analysis, we are uniquely placed to provide insights into your operations efficiency.  

We have an in depth understanding of the clients data and first hand knowledge of industry best practices, problems and solutions.