Team Spotlight – Amy Hollier, Internal Recruiter

In this month’s team spotlight we sit down with Amy Hollier, who recently joined Velociti Group as our Internal Recruiter.

How would you describe a typical day in the life of an Internal Recruiter?

Any recruiter will agree that recruitment is a rollercoaster, you have to be able to roll with the punches, but this is what keeps me going, no two days are the same!

How does your role contribute to the company’s overall success?

I think people are at the heart of any business. Recruiting the right people is pivotal to success. If we have the right people and they are happy doing their jobs, the world is our oyster.

What do you most enjoy about working at EPM / Omnibus?

I am enjoying the challenge, it’s very busy but I enjoy that part. I also love working with all the different teams and senior management. Everyone is so helpful and supportive, so I have a big thank you to say to a lot of people who have made me very welcome.

What is the biggest achievement of your EPM / Omnibus career?

I think for me, my biggest achievement is the relationships I have built with hiring managers and the wider team. I feel that we have managed to work well together and got things moving quickly. It was important to me to be able to come in and have an impact on the business.

As we continue to expand the team, what advice do you have for someone joining the team?

I would say invest in spending time with key teams or people. There are so many knowledgeable people here and everyone really wants to help so take advantage of that and take in all you can.

How do you anticipate the industry may change over the coming years?

I think it’s fair to say the industry is evolving and always becoming more technologically and digitally advanced. Great news for us as this is what we are here to do! I also think there will be more environmental focus with everyone making a conscious effort to be greener.

Outside of work, how do you spend your spare time?

Honestly, my favourite pastime is eating out which also means I have to enjoy working out (I am still working on enjoying that as much though). I am also very family oriented so enjoy spending lots of time with them.

Who is the person who inspires you most?

My daughter, she inspires me to be the best I can be every day.

Tell us a random fact about you – the silliest, most daring or spontaneous thing you have ever done you’ve ever done is?

I will be honest, this is a difficult one for me as generally, I am a very sensible person (boring I know). My mum would probably say the silliest thing I ever did was dye my hair bright purple and pink when I was 27 but to be honest, I loved it, so the style stayed for a good 12 months.

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