Stagecoach and EPM collaborate to drive operational efficiency and best practice

Jun 2024 – EPM Bus Solutions, part of Velociti Group, has been working with Stagecoach Group Ltd to drive operational efficiency and achieve best practice across the group.

The operator has been utilising EPM’s unique operational and commercial management solutions across the business for 20 years.

Stagecoach and EPM collaborate

The initiative empowers groups of ‘super users’ to maximise the potential of the technology, enhancing the user experience and encouraging a more cohesive approach across operations. The sessions are attended by operations and commercial managers, equipping them with skills to disseminate with their teams.

Paul Hillman, Business Operations Support Manager at Stagecoach, said: “We wanted to leverage the existing technology to improve operational and commercial performance, and share best practice across the group. Working collaboratively with EPM, the series of user group forums connects key teams, technology and processes. This enables us to develop knowledge faster and adapt quicker, as well as having a structured way of ensuring we are getting the greatest benefit from our investment in EPM’s platforms.”

Stagecoach account manager Josh Mellor said: “We want our clients to get the most out of our unique technology and the user forums are a great way to share knowledge. In addition, our experts can add value to optimise usage. Whilst running these sessions at Stagecoach, our team identified new ways to configure and develop the system to better serve their needs.”

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