Helping drivers return to work with the Depot Performance System (DPS)

bus driver with covid mask

Following the easing of restrictions, operators are now planning for the phased return to work of their driving staff and the mobilisation of their fleets. However, with the majority of drivers having been furloughed, returning to work after in some cases lengthy layoffs, presents operators with a number of challenges. We explore how the Depot Performance System (DPS) can help drivers return to work quickly and easily.

Onboarding drivers

Where staff are returning to driving duties after a number of weeks off the road, there will be an inherent risk of vehicle related accidents.

Accidents have many negative consequences for operators, however the impact on vehicle availability at a time where more vehicles are required to carry fewer passengers and their impact on costs stand out at this time.

The safety of driving staff is also paramount to ensure that they are trained on new working practises, particularly those around social distancing measures and driver Health and Safety. In addition to this, drivers effectively communicating with customers regarding social distancing will be an important factor to maintain customer service levels.

Utilising data available in DPS

The wealth of data in DPS can be utilised by operators to assist with these challenges.

The ticketing data within ETM Analysis can be used to identify when a driver last worked and their recent route knowledge. This can then be used to form the following workflow in the EPM Operational Performance Module:

Compliance checks – any anniversary dates (such as licence checks, training courses, medical reminders) can be reviewed via an automated report, to identify any compliance issues.

Driver assessments – a new assessment type can be configured for returning drivers, to ensure that all drivers have been through this process prior to going back into service with a vehicle.

Return to work interview – return to work interviews can be added, which would cover changes in working practices and effective customer communications.

EPM support

The EPM support desk continues to operate on a business as usual basis, to provide operators with support and assistance and can be contacted via or on 01527 556 940.

If you feel that EPM are able to assist in any way to meet the current challenges facing operators, please do not hesitate to contact us.