Navigating through the challenges of the National Bus Strategy

The National Bus Strategy (NBS) sets out an ambitious vision to revolutionise the way in which local bus services are provided, which is presenting many new challenges for transport authorities.

We appreciate that it’s a difficult and uncertain time, which is why we’re committed to helping transport authorities improve the effectiveness of their organisations and the success of their bus networks to meet these challenges.

Experience working with PTEs and local authorities
With over 30 years’ experience in software and consultancy services, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the bus industry and work with five of the six PTEs in England and a range of local authorities to streamline their business processes.

Contract Management Solution
Our software enables all tenders to be specified and monitored to ensure that they are operated in line with the authority’s contracts. This ensures that operators are not overpaid and demonstrates good stewardship of public funds, whilst reducing the time spent administering and keeping track of performance.

On-demand performance management reports
You can also generate measurable KPIs, such as those required for Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) and use our new Insights platform to analyse data and make key decisions on the network based on cost effectiveness. The solutions can also be used to administer multi-operator ticketing schemes, which are a key theme of the NBS.

If you’re interested in getting faster reporting on key areas like revenue, patronage, and costs, we have the systems, data, and expertise to help. To book a free consultation to see how we can assist with your challenges and requirements, complete the online form or call 01527 556940.

Empowering you with new levels of control and visibility over the bus networks servicing your communities