CBSSG Restart scheme extended

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An additional £27.3m per week for operators

As operators look to increase service levels ahead of schools returning in September the DfT have announced that the Covid-19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG) Restart scheme is to be extended.

In their press release the Department have guaranteed payments of up to £218.4m over the next eight weeks, with rolling funding of up to £27.3m per week afterwards. This additional funding will continue until it is no longer needed.

The press release can be viewed here – DfT CBSSG press release 08/08/20

In a separate letter to operators ahead of the press release the Department set out conditions to the scheme extension, including:

  • Whilst receiving CBSSG, operators should not make a profit
  • Service levels should increase to 100% of pre-Covid levels for September
  • Operators need to consult with Local Authorities on service level requirements
  • Bus timetable changes must be communicated to passengers

Revised terms and conditions will be issued shortly, however the Department noted that they will for the most part stay the same.

Finally the DfT also confirmed their commitment to pay BSOG at pre-Covid levels and reiterated that LTA’s continue to make payments to operators for tendered services, concessionary travel and home to school transport at pre-pandemic amounts.

The letter to operators can be found on the link below.

August 10, 2020

DfT CBSSG Restart Letter to Operators 07/08/20

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If you have any questions on the announcements made by the DfT or on the BSOG / CBSSG schemes in general, please contact via email or on 01527 556940.